I grew up in Northern California on the Redwood Coast in a small town called Eureka. I always had a love of drawing and a passion for movies. Early influences for me included the “Tintin” comics by Herge, Star Trek, any film that was directed by Steven Spielberg, and the “Art of Star Wars” books which were filled with concept art.

jim martin

After graduating from Cal State Northridge with a degree in illustration, I began to look for work. I was taking small art jobs in print media, and working a night shift at Kinko’s Copies. My chance to break into the entertainment field came by chance. A friend of mine from college arranged for me to meet a colleague who was working at Paramount on the television show “Star Trek Generations”. I was introduced to the show’s production designer, Richard James, who reccomended me to Herman Zimmerman, a designer who was establishing an art department for a new Star Trek series called “Deep Space 9”. Herman hired me as the Production Assistant, and mentored me that first year as I learned what it meant to be a production Illustrator. At the beginning of the second season, the show’s illustrator left to work on feature films. Herman promoted me to illustator and gave me my first art job in the industry. I will always be grateful to him. To grow up watching Star Trek and then to end up working on the franchise was a dream come true.

After staying for three years on “Deep Space 9”, I enventually left for the chance to work in feature films. On that journey I also had the chance to work in both the animation field and the gaming industry. It continues to be an enjoyable run, with some truly exciting projects and talented co-workers, bosses and directors. My career ends up being spread out fairly evenly between features, television, animation and gaming. I enjoy the variety and the challenge of jumping from a tech-heavy game job to a fantasy animation world, to a live-action set concept. My career continues to challenge me in exciting ways. I’m particularly proud of my eleven years at Disney Animation, and the chance to share in the legacy of so many talented artists and storytellers that are part of the Disney tradition

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