film & Games

Frozen 2, Disney Animation
Wreck-it Ralph 2, Disney Animation
Downsizing, Paramount Pictures
Spiderman Homecoming, Sony Pictures
Zootopia, Disney Animation
Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium
Big Hero Six, Disney Animation
Jurassic World, Universal Pictures
Robocop, MGM Sony
Oblivion, Universal Pictures
Robopocalypse, Amblin Ent.
Hop, Universal Pictures
Hangover Part 3, Warner Bros.
Captain America, Marvel Studios
Resistance, Insomniac
Medieval, New Regency
Bioshock, Universal Pictures
Rango, Paramount Pictures
Immortals, Relativity Media
Alice in Wonderland, Walt Disney
Bolt, Disney Animation
Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Walt Disney
Monsterhouse, Sony Pictures
Sky High, Walt Disney
Warhawk, Sony Entertainment
XXX State of the Union, Revolution Studios
Fantastic Four, Fox Pictures
Lemony Snicket, Paramount Pictures
Superman, Warner Bros.
Chronicles of Riddick, Universal
Haunted Mansion, Walt Disney
Star Trek Enterprise, Paramount Television
The Italian Job, Paramount Pictures
The Hulk, Universal
Matrix 2/3, Warner Bros.
ALiens - Colonial Marines, Gearbox
Scorpion King, Universal Pictures
A I, Dreamworks Pictures
Spiderman, Sony Pictures
Atlantis - the lost Empire, Walt Disney
Lilo and Stitch, Walt Disney
Mission to Mars, Walt Disney
The X Files, Fox Pictures
Tomorrow Never Dies, United Artists
Contact, Warner Bros.
ALien Ressurection, Fox Pictures
Starship Troopers, Sony Pictures
The Phantom, Sony Pictures
Space Above and Beyond, Fox Television
Star Trek DS9 - Voyager, Paramount Pictures
Starship Troopers Deadlock, Binarycode Productions
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